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Top Leading Metal Supplier in UAE

Since 2003, we have been professionally active in the field of metals, mines, and petrochemicals. We, as a leading metal supplier, hold a group of many multinational groups under the name of MSA groups. 

Best Uses of Copper

As a leading metal supplier we are providing top quality copper. Copper is a human’s old friend. Copper is basically a chemical component that has the symbol of Cu and the atomic number of copper is 29. It is solid and has an orangish color. Humans have been using the element for ages. To make tools, weapons, art, jewelry, and other things. 

Copper is a special metal that can do many useful things because it has unique qualities. One of the things it does well is carrying electricity, so it is used in wires, cables, and electronic parts. It also doesn’t rust easily and can stop the growth of harmful germs, which makes it perfect for plumbing pipes and heating or cooling systems. Copper looks nice too, so leading metal supplier and buyers use it for roofs and other parts of buildings. It helps machines work better too, especially ones that need to stay cool or use electricity. In the past, people used copper for coins, and now it’s in many electronic devices like computers. It’s also essential for clean energy like solar panels and wind turbines.

Copper as a Good heat Conductor

According to a leading metal supplier and leading oil service supplier, Copper is good at moving heat, so it helps air conditioners and refrigerators work. People even use it for making art because it’s easy to shape and has a beautiful color. Overall, copper is valuable for many things because it’s good at conducting electricity, doesn’t rust easily, and has other helpful qualities that make it useful in various ways.


  • Why is copper a special metal?

    Due to its great ductility, malleability, thermal and electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance, it is a significant industrial metal. It is a nutrient that must be included in our everyday diet. Additionally, the antibacterial activity of this substance is becoming more and more crucial for infection prevention.

  • Why is copper important?

    You require the mineral copper to maintain good health. Copper is used by the body for a variety of vital processes, including the synthesis of connective tissues, blood vessels, and energy. Additionally, copper stimulates genes and supports the immunological and neurological systems. For the growth of the brain, your body also requires copper.

  • Where is copper found?

    Only five nations on Earth—Chile, Australia, Peru, Mexico, and the United States—have more than 65% of the world’s copper reserves.