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Leading Oil Service Supplier in UAE

As a leading oil service supplier, we have been working professionally in the mining, petrochemicals, and metals industries since 2003. As a major metal supplier, we control a vast network of international corporations known as MSA groups.

What is GasOil 5000PPM?

Gas oil, also known as diesel fuel, with 5000ppm (parts per million), means the fuel contains 5000 parts of sulfur for every one million parts of the fuel. Lower sulfur content is better for the environment and engine performance. Leading oil service supplier and Many regions have rules to decrease sulfur levels in diesel fuels to lower levels, like 10ppm or even ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) with 15ppm sulfur. However, the standards may differ depending on the country or area.

Where Do We Use It?

Gas oil, also known as diesel fuel, has a variety of applications. Top leading oil service supplier use it in transportation. Such as in diesel engines for cars, trucks, buses, and trains. Additionally, leading oil service supplier also use it in off-road vehicles like tractors and construction machinery.  The versatility of gas oil makes it a crucial fuel source for various sectors. This enables efficient and reliable power generation and transportation. 

Gas Oil 5000PPM Over Normal Gas Oil

As a gas service supplier UAE, we know use gas oil with lower sulfur content, like ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) with 5000ppm or even lower 15ppm sulfur. Offers environmental benefits, better engine performance, improved fuel economy, compatibility with emission control technologies, and compliance with global regulations. It also reduces harmful emissions, enhances engine efficiency, and ensures adherence to stricter environmental standards.


  • What does 1000 ppm mean?

    A thousandth of a gram (0.001g) in 1000 ml is equal to one ppm, while one gram in 1000 ml is equal to 1000 ppm. One-tenth of a gram is equal to one milligram, and one liter is equal to 1000 milliliters, thus 1 ppm is equal to 1 mg per liter.

  • How to calculate 5000 ppm?

    One milligram of solute per liter of solvent is equal to one part in a million. IBA at a concentration of 5000 ppm is 5000 milligrams per liter of solvent.

  • How is ppm calculated?

    Determine the mass or volume of the solute per unit volume of the solution, then multiply that number by one million to compute ppm.

  • What is the full form of ppm?

    Ppm stands for (Parts Per Million)