December 8, 2022
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December 14, 2022

Copper Cathode


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  1. Group Metals –NonFerrous- Copper
  2. Title Copper Cathode
  3. HS Code 74031100
  4. Quality Grade A

Technical Spec

  • Description

Copper cathode is a form of copper that has a purity of 99.99%. In order to remove impurities from copper ore, it undergoes two processes, smelting and electrorefining. The resulting, nearly pure copper is an excellent conductor and is often used in electrical wiring.

  • Analyze (approximate)
COPPER (min %age) 99.97% SILICA (SI/ppm) 0.003
IRON (Fe/ ppm) 0.002 COBALT (CO/ ppm) 0.005
SULPHUR (S/ ppm) 0.004 ARSENIC (AS/ ppm) 0.001
OXYGEN (2/ppm) nil BISMUTH (BI/ ppm) 0.005


ARGENT (AG/ppm) 0.003 MANGANESE (MN/ppm) 0.005
LEAD (PB/ppm) 0.005 TELEURIUM (TE/ppm) 0.005
NICKEL (NI /ppm) 0.005 ALUMINIUM(AL/ppm) 0.005
SELENIUM (SE/ppm) 0.005 MAGNESIUM (MG/ppm) 0.005
ANTIMONY (SB/ ppm) 0.005 ZINC (ZN/ ppm) 0.005


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