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December 8, 2022
Petrochemicals supplier UAE
December 8, 2022



Lubricating greases are commonly formulated as mixtures of an oil and a lithium soap. Some formulations include PTFE or other substances, such as molybdenum disulfide.

Lithium grease adheres particularly well to metal, is non-corrosive, may be used under heavy loads, and exhibits good temperature tolerance. It has a drip temperature of 190 to 220 °C (370 to 430 °F) and resists moisture, so it is commonly used as lubricant in household products, such as electric garage doors, as well as in automotive applications, such as constant-velocity joints.

Lithium grease, formulated from high-quality base oils and special additives to offer outstanding oxidation stability and wide operation temperature range, is a multi-purpose grease with lithium thickener. Lithium Speedy is used in different applications where extreme pressure is not required and it can be continuously pumped in central-supply lubrication systems with no problem.

Lithium Speedy exhibits great water wash-out resistance and excellent reversibility when conditions of mechanical or thermal stress are relaxed.

Uses of Lithium Grease:

wide operation temperature range, multi-purpose grease, great water washout resistance, excellent reversibility.

Applications of Lithium :

  • All types of plain and guide bearings
  • Wheel bearings
  • General lubrication and journal bearings
  • Pump bearings
  • Electro motors
  • Minimal friction and wear
  • High oxidation resistance
  • Continuous pumpability in central-supply lubrication systems
  • Longer lubricant shelf life
  • Longer lubricant life time
  • Wide range of operating temperature
  • Retains stable structure, no softening of grease under ambient temperature conditions
  • Excellent reversibility when conditions of mechanical or thermal stress are relaxed

Packing of Lithium Grease:

Grease packed in new or used 208 kg drums, plastic drums.

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